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Welcome to our site! This project was founded in 2008, almost 10 years ago, but it is still alive. Initially we developed three nice programs that should make your life better. All three programs are the same appearance, but very different by its purpose. One of them has been taking a very high position on the service Cnet for many years. This wonderful software is Autumn Netspy. You could follow the link atop and appreciate it, because it is absolutely free. One more very useful solution we offer to you is Autumn Organizer. This little clock will always remember you about important meeting and events. It is customizable and you can easily reshape it as you want. You can also see the link to get more details about this software above. The third program is a shell replacement, but it is not supported yet, so we only mention it and do not recommend trying. If you want you can download the program by button on the right-hand part of the screen.

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The next project we want to share with you is Historystack. It is the latest and maybe the best of all our projects. This project could be called "colored timeline". It is a stack of real events that often are supplied with videos, images and other media objects. The first event is Big Bang so you can imagine that the timeline lasts very wide range of time. All events are arranged by time, but the most notable point is that you can form the very timeline you want with simple filters. You can set the earliest moment of timeline, sphere the timeline concerns to, but the most important - tag. With a tag you can form timeline of almost every topic. For example you can type "History of United Kingdom" and the service out to you all available events about this topic sorted by date. There you can explore a lot of interesting historical subjects such as the early stage of Caliphate or life of the most influential general of Alexander the Great. The important moment about this project users can add and edit events yourself. Also you can add a media file and bind it to a particular event. Talking about projects about history, we would like to mention about one more interesting service based on Historystack. Is is a blog on which you can read a short timeline of events happened on this day. All post are also supplied with images and video which makes reading more interesting for you.

Another beautiful project we launched some year ago is Twitterbrooks. This service is integrated in social network Twitter. We created some number of accounts on it, where you can get a lot of useful information, generally concerning to your location. Such of them are services that post a tweet in the beginning of every hour or post holidays celebrated in your country. But the most useful feature is tweets about weather. Follow this link to know which weather is now in your city. Also you can find accounts offering the forecasts on weather in the city both on tomorrow and today. Also you can find account posting information about bright events happened on this day, famous people and quotations of the most cleaver people. One interesting subprojects on this site is Synonyms. You can find there a synonym almost for every word you can imagine. Have you ever looked for a synonym for word "experience" or "crucial"? So you have to bookmark this site!

You see how different are our projects, so go forward to try and appreciate them!

Historystack Forever!
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