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Autumn Shell Replacement
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Using Autumn NetSpy

More of control items of the program are in the pop-up menu that appears on pressing the left button of the mouse on the program icon in system tray. You can stop or start cyclic check of remote computers connection by simple click on the menu item "Stop/start". It is highlighted by brown color.
At occurrence of connection with a checking computer this event is added in log which can be seen through an element of the menu "Log".
Settings are called through item "Settings". More about settings you can read in section "Configuration"..
The state of connection with the removed computer is permanently displayed in a submenu "State" which is the list of hosts near to which the ball of red color if connection is failed or green if connection is good. You could input a clean name for undestanding of system phisical address.
The program allows you to learn immediately about occurrence of connection with the removed computer. After each cycle of check the program shows an balloon tip if the state of any computer was changed. There is Host State window. This window display sane information as menu item "Host state", only in table view. To call this window reffer menu "Host state"

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