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Autumn NetSpy

The best utility to test existence of computer in network

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Autumn NetSpy is the useful utility for testing of existence of computer in network. This program is designed for system administrators and users, who need to check accessibility of a computer in work or home network. With Automn NetSpy you can evaluate uptime of a system or web-service. You can easily check if your website is inaccessible and faster fix the problem. Also you can trace the time of events, such as appearance or loss of any system.

Firstly you have to generate the list of interesting systems to have an feature to supervise the moment of occurrence of system in networks or loss from it. After starting the program is minimized in system tray (an area near to hours at the bottom right corner) and is ready to work. Enter the network address, or the IP-address, or URL (a domain name), and then you will quickly receive the information on presence of a computer in a network. Besides you input clean title for every host, that allow you do not keep in memory hard-to-remember physical addresses. Autumn NetSpy can write log of network connection, which could be saved on hard drive.

Install this program and you will be notified, when problems with access to your favorite Web-server will be gone or your colleague has come for work. You can supervise time of leaving or arrival of employees in your organization for a workplace and the moment of power down. You could view host state as pop-up menu or separate window.

Autumn NetSpy is freeware software and does not require any registration or activation, so you can use it without any troubles.

Autumn NetSpy
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