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Clock window in Autumn Organizer

A main window of the program is a little window that can have a various appearance depending on program settings. By default it looks like clock dial that displays current time. You could change settings of the program that way so there wouldn’t be the main window, but the program would be minimized at a system tray. Also electronic clock can be free or replace system clock on task panel.
By the right mouse key click on the main window or at the icon of the tray a contextual menu will be shown, through which you could get access to program control. The menu "Create" allows creating of a new task or holiday. The menu "View" allows getting access to the list of tasks, schedule or events. Choose "Address book" to get access to the list of your contacts. Menu "Settings" allows changing installations of the program.

By moving of the cursor to the main window or by clicking on the tray a pop-up window would be shown which contains the main information of a day...
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