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Autumn Organizer
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Autumn Organizer

Autumn organizer is a useful organizer with the fine graphic interface.

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Autumn organizer is a useful organizer with the fine graphic interface. It allows you more effectively allocate your time, to appoint meetings and actions. Autumn organizer contains an easy-to-handle directory (address book) The address book supports a grouping and sorting any contacts; each contact could be not assigned to a group or assigned to any of groups: family, friends, and work. The program could be minimized in system tray as a small icon or be situated above all of windows as a small clock. The format of displayed time could be configurated as you like. Colour, Size and Font could be also changed by your wish.

Clock can be both analog and electronic. By default the program looks like analog clock. Also it is possible to replace standard system clock on the tasks panel with electronic clock. By moving the cursor over the icon or area of the clock a main window , appears, which contains a calendar and three sections. Calendar allows choosing a day for review of any plans and actions. The section "To do..." contains a list of actions which you plan to do during certain time. This job scheduler could be used as reminder or as an alarm clock. At preset time the program will remind you about a scheduled action. Section "Schedule..." shows a selected day cutting to half an hours. By selecting of a necessary day and look at a graph you could to see any free time at your schedule at once. This function lightens forming of your action plan. The section "Holidays" displays special days: holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Any special day could be set up to remind for a quantity of day.

The program allows to run standard Windows calculator from clock menu. Also from menu it is possible to launch a pocket book that allows to do notes. It has tools for a your text marking. Notes are automatically saved at closing the pocket book window. Also a useful feature for you is time correction. By a manual mode, you enter right date and time youself. For automatic time correction the computer should be connected to Internet. Call the program menu "Automatic correction" to requests an exact time of three time servers that reduces an probability of error, and set correct time on your system.

Autumn Organizer
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